More power for clean air in the workplace

More power for clean air in the workplace

Pure air dust extractors of the AL-KO POWER UNIT® series are designed to provide healthy air at workplaces in trade and industry. They free the room air from dusts, chips and coarse particles that occur during the processing of wood and plastic, during paper production or in companies in the orthopedic industry and ensure a clean workplace. The new generation of the POWER UNIT 200 is now available with a power increase of 18 percent.

Whether on stand-alone machines or as an addition to a stationary system with several extraction points: The POWER UNIT series from AL-KO Extraction Technology offers the right solution for virtually all applications involving the processing of wood and wood composites, plastics, paper and also metal and stone. The new generation of the POWER UNIT 200 also impresses with its “less energy, more power” principle: Optimizations to the unit’s fan efficiency result in five percent more vacuum with 33 percent less electrical power consumption.

Impressive functions and a wide range of options

In addition to its excellent filter performance, the POWER UNIT offers a wide range of advantages, above all the highly efficient AL-KO OPTI JET® filter cleaning technology, in which the filter elements are automatically cleaned of adhering dust by a cyclical blast of compressed air. In conjunction with the integrated pre-separator, which removes coarse particles before they reach the filters, the POWER UNIT achieves long service lives for the filter elements and thus extremely economical operation because it is uninterrupted over long periods of time.


This is also ensured by a large number of options such as a rotary valve for automatic material discharge: In the POWER UNIT 200 P-ZRS version, the rotary valve continuously disposes of the collected material without having to interrupt the work on the connected machine. Another plus point is the small dimensions, which allow a unit such as the POWER UNIT 200 P-ZRS (L x W x H: 2,296 x 830 x 2,607 mm) to be installed even in cramped workshops.


Keyword safety: The POWER UNIT 200 P-ZRS is built according to the harmonized standard DIN EN 16770, bears the BG-GS test mark according to GS-HM-03 and is certified with the note for residual dust concentration test mark H3. This means that it is permissible to set it up directly in the working area without additional fire and explosion protection measures.


AL-KO Extraction Technology will present the new POWER UNIT 200 P-ZRS along with many other innovative solutions at the HOLZ-HANDWERK trade and leading trade fair for the woodworking industry from July 12 to 15, 2022 in Nuremberg (Hall 9, Booth 9-312).