AL-KO FLEX UNIT D cartridge filter systems

For powerful dust extraction: AL-KO FLEX UNIT D units are suitable for the extraction and separation of fine dusts in almost all manufacturing processes. Four standard variants offer the right extraction performance for many applications. Thanks to modular system technology, additional individual versions, for example for larger air volumes, are possible at any time. All system components are installed in a housing made of insulated panels. This ensures low operating noise and minimal heat loss when installed outdoors.

AL-KO quality

Compact design with soundproof panels

Solid and durable

Standard systems with individual customizing options

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Operating principle

The construction of the systems is based on the time-proven AL-KO standard with soundproof housing panels. They enclose the system and provide for high-performance and quiet operation. AL-KO FLEX UNIT D systems extract dust and fine particles in numerous industrial and skilled trade production processes. The large-surface filter cartridges effectively filter out the dust, and the filtered exhaust air can either be returned to the hall or released into the environment. The systems are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.

Your benefits
  • High extraction capacity and optimal filtration
  • Standard versions are individually customizable
  • Fast delivery
  • Extremely quiet due to highly effective sound insulation
  • IE3 motors for high energy efficiency
  • Extraction of dust in production processes for example in mechanical machining, grinding and filling
  • For single or multi-station extraction
  • Use in metal machining and plastics processing, as well as numerous other industries
  • For connection to machines, extraction tables, booths and pipelines
Options & variants
  • Additional sound insulation for extreme sound requirements
  • Diverse filter materials based on the specific application
  • Extensive accessories such as extraction arms, capturing hoods, pipes and hoses
  • Frequency inverter for power-based operation
  • Combination with AL-KO thermal recovery systems for exhaust air control to minimize heating costs
  • IE 4 motors or higher value optional
  • ATEX-compliant version for zone 22
  • HEPA post-filter class H13 or H14 for highest filter performance

Technical data

Device type FLEX UNIT D 65-7.5 FLEX UNIT D 140-15 FLEX UNIT D 195-18.5 FLEX UNIT D 234-22
Suction nozzle ø in mm 280 400 450 560
Airflow in m³/h 5,750 10,400 16,200 24,200
Vacuum in Pa. 3,500 3,500 3,500 3,000
Motor rating in kW 7.5 15 18.5 22
Filter area in m² 65 140 195 234
Dimensions W x D x H in mm 1,612 x 1,300 x 3,899 2,447 x 2,441 x 4,435 2,447 x 2,447 x 4,894 2,447 x 2,600 x 5,353

All values are approximate and refer to the basic version; subject to technical modifications.
Other sizes and variants on request.

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