AL-KO ZRS Rotary Lock Valves

Instead of the collecting container, Al-KO dust extractors can be equipped with an AL-KO ZRS rotary valve lock, so that extraction can continue without interruption.

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Operating principle

Rotary lock valves are used optionally instead of collecting containers on AL-KO dust extractors and extraction systems. Rotary lock valves transport the separated material continuously and without pressure into a container, big bag, etc. provided by the customer. Since this happens continuously, there is no interruption in the extraction.

Your benefits
  • Uninterrupted operation of the extraction system, since no collecting containers have to be emptied
  • No loose material in the extraction system, therefore reducing the risk of fire and explosion
  • Collection of separated material in containers of your choice
  • Tested in accordance with ATEX product directive 94/9/EC
  • For large quantities of materials that require continuous extraction
  • For dry and free-flowing materials (wood, plastic, metal, etc.)
Options & variants
  • Version with blow-off attachment for transport of the discharged material
  • Mounting option on round discharge
  • Application-specific custom version is possible

Technical data

AL-KO ZRS rotary lock valves
Device type 440/1 440 960/1 960
Motor rating in kW 0.18 0.37 0.18 0.37
Max. capacity in l/h 7,250 21,750 15,816 47,450
Speed in rpm 4 11 4 11
Weight kg 70 70 106 106

All values are approximate and refer to the basic version; subject to technical modifications


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