AL-KO PROFI JET Modular Filter System

The modular design of PROFI JET® modular filter systems allow individual planning and the construction of extraction solutions for virtually any required air volume as well as every conceivable application. The insulated wall panels of the time-proven system ensure outstanding noise protection and minimal thermal loss when installed outdoors. BAFA eligible under Module 4.

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Individually planned extraction systems on the basis of standard modules

Custom fit and cost effective

For indoor and outdoor installation

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Operating principle

In the individually planned extraction systems of the PROFI JET series, a sturdy steel frame is used for the basic construction. The frame is completely planked with insulated, double walled, powder coated sheet steel panels, so that all elements of the system, including the fan, filter cleaner and discharge components are within the system enclosure to protect them against dirt and weather. The fans on the clean air side are installed in the upper area of the system, where they extract the air containing dust and swarf into the filter unit. A large pre-separator chamber effectively removes large particles and swarf. The downstream filter bags or cartridges remove the remaining fine dust. The filtered exhaust air is directed through a sound-insulated return air chamber either back into the building or into the environment.

Your benefits
  • Individual, custom-fit planning and implementation of your extraction system
  • Low-cost and fast availability due to modular design with standard components
  • Insulated panels ensure quiet operation and low costs
  • Consistently high suction power due to integrated pre-separation chamber and AL-KO OPTI JET ® filter cleaning system
  • Reduced heating costs, since 100 % recirculating air operation is possible in many cases
  • Compact design for smaller footprint
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Powder coated panels for a professional look
  • Available in ATEX-compliant version
  • Extensive accessories and numerous options for individual device configurations
  • BAFA eligible under Module 4
  • Extraction at multiple machine tools, workplaces or entire production areas
  • Ventilation and extraction of room air at enclosures and work booths
  • For virtually all types of dust and swarf
  • Also for dusts and applications with ATEX classification
  • Extraction primarily in applications such as wood, plastics, metal, welding, cutting, recycling and many others
Options & variants
  • Fan version corresponding to application and customer requirement
  • Different discharge variants such as rotary lock valve, briquette press, round discharge, moving floor or chain floor
  • Patented AL-KO LEVEL CONTROL 21 fill level monitor
  • Different filter materials for the particular application
  • Fire and explosion protection systems
  • Diverse control options, also with frequency inverter for on-demand adjustment of the fan power
  • Combination with AL-KO thermal recovery systems for exhaust air control to minimize heating costs
AL-KO PROFI JET® extraction systems are planned and built for you from a modular system according to your requirements. The extremely low noise emission and the fire and explosion protection certificates make the approval process easier for you. Thanks to the modular design, your stationary AL-KO PROFI JET® system grows with your business - which means additional investment security for you.

Technical data

Device type PROFI JET Typ 1 PROFI JET Typ 3 PROFI JET Typ 5 PROFI JET Typ 10 PROFI JET Typ 16
Max. airflow in m³/h 12,000 15,000 26,000 75,000 120,000
Max. vacuum in Pa. 3,100 3,000 3,000 4,300 3,900
Motor rating in kW 15 18.5 2 x 18.5 3 x 37 6 x 30
Filter area m² 137.2 100 176 500 800
Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm 2,136 x 1,606 x 6,964 2,447 x 1,606 x 7,373 2,907 x 3,212 x 7,373 6,424 x 3,212 x 7,832 9,636 x 3,212 x 9,185

All values are approximate and refer to the basic version; subject to technical modifications

AL-KO PROFI JET for Bürstner in Kehl

With a filter system from the AL-KO PROFI JET series, motorhome and caravan specialist Bürstner has opted for innovative and energy-efficient technology for its production facility in Kehl am Rhein. The extraction capacity is 140,000 m³/h, and the filter area totals over 960 m². How does that work? Thanks to the modular design of our systems! This means that even very large installations can be realized in as little as 4 days. See for yourself!


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