AL-KO CAR CLEANING VAC for highest cleanliness in motor vehicles

AL-KO CAR CLEANING VAC for highest cleanliness in motor vehicles

Cleanliness down to the smallest crevice - this is achieved by AL-KO CAR CLEANING VAC, a high-performance vacuum cleaner manufactured by AL-KO Extraction Technology for cleaning vehicle interiors. The device was developed in cooperation with the company Holz Autowaschtechnik, one of the leading German manufacturers of high-quality car washing lines.

In search of a new producer and supplier for an extremely powerful vacuum solution, Holz Autowaschtechnik chose AL-KO Extraction Technology at the beginning of 2023. The complete equipment of a modern car wash includes vacuum cleaner stations where customers can clean the interior of their vehicles. This is where the AL-KO CAR CLEANING VAC central vacuum unit really comes into its own: Available in two power levels (8.5 kW and 12.5 kW; negative pressure of up to 25,000 Pa), the high-vacuum extractor with side channel compressor enables consistently high suction power at eight or twelve individual stations for a fast, thorough interior cleaning of customer vehicles.

Other features of AL-KO CAR CLEANING VAC:
  • Differential pressure-controlled filter cleaning by means of compressed air jets (AL-KO OPTI JET®)
  • Frequency inverter for maximum energy efficiency
  • Long service life of the filter elements
  • Galvanized and powder coated housing for outdoor installation
  • High sound insulation, extremely quiet operation
  • Ergonomic lifting device for collection garbage can
  • Easy and low-dust disposal of the extracted dirt

The units are supplied by AL-KO fully assembled and ready for connection, and must only connected to the suction pipe, compressed air and power supply on site. The first units have already proven themselves in use. Together with Holz Autowaschtechnik, AL-KO Extraction Technology will present the AL-KO CAR CLEANING VAC to the public at the trade fair Tankstelle & Mittelstand at Essen (June 14th and 15th, 2023).

AL-KO CLEAN VAC: the best choice for many other industries

In a slightly modified design, AL-KO Extraction Technology offers its new central high vacuum units under the product name AL-KO CLEAN VAC for other craft and industrial sectors. They are ideal for extracting dust and chips at workplaces with hand-held machines in woodworking, metalworking and plastics processing or for general cleaning work in similar locations.