35 years in the service of clean air

35 years in the service of clean air

Processing wood, metal, plastic and many other materials produces chips, dust and fumes. With its 35 years of experience AL-KO Extraction Technology ensures that these are extracted safely and reliably. For the health of employees and trouble-free production.

AL-KO Extraction Technology can look back on 35 years of company history. Founded in 1988 as AL-KO Entsorgungsgeräte und -systeme, the company has since launched a comprehensive portfolio of reliable extraction solutions for industry and trade.

AL-KO Extraction Technology offers reliable extraction solutions ranging from stand-alone extraction units to central extraction systems, from wood and plastic to metal and construction materials, as well as for a wide range of performance and volume ranges. They are suitable for the most diverse requirements in industry and trade and can be adapted to individual customer requirements. The competent and experienced employees at AL-KO Extraction Technology produce more than 5,000 extraction systems a year – all with the “Made in Germany” seal of quality. And they support customers with competent service throughout the entire life cycle of their systems.


Decisive milestones characterize the company’s history:

  • 1988: Foundation of AL-KO Entsorgungsgeräte und -systeme
  • 1989: Presentation of the first freely programmable extraction system AL-KO Filter Unit, which immediately receives the Innovation Award of the Federal Ministry of Economics
  • 1995: Development of the extremely heat- and sound-insulating external panels. The panel design still characterizes the company’s devices today
  • 1997: Presentation of the AL-KO ECO JET compact filter system
  • 2001: Development of the AL-KO COLOR JET mobile paint mist extraction unit
  • 2009: Introduction of the clean air dust extractor series AL-KO POWER UNIT
  • 2017: Presentation of the AL-KO FLEX UNIT ECO stationary welding fume extraction unit, the only one on the market to be equipped with heat recovery. One year later, it is awarded the innovation prize
  • 2018: Introduction of the AL-KO JET STREAM industrial vacuum cleaner
  • 2022: Installation of a stationary filter system with the largest volume flow realized to date: 150,000 m3/h


The presentation of the AL-KO FLEX UNIT ECO with heat recovery is a very special highlight for Michael Seitz, Head of AL-KO Extraction Technology. “The welding fume extraction system represents a special combination: as AL-KO Extraction Technology, we are uniting our expertise in extraction technology with the know-how of our other business unit, AL-KO Air Technology, in terms of heat recovery,” explains Seitz. “No other market competitor can offer this bundling of expertise.”

“Our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of our various customer sectors are of course our major advantages,” emphasizes Michael Seitz. However, the company has no intention of resting on its laurels. “We continue to work on offering our customers tailor-made systems and solutions that combine reliable extraction with the most energy-efficient operation possible.”