Higher performance, lower energy costs

Higher performance, lower energy costs

E+F Abbundwerk AG, located in the Swiss municipality of Wangen, is one of the largest enterprises in Switzerland that offers outsourcing of joining processes.


In carpentry, joining comprises various preparatory processes for timber construction. E+F, situated in the canton of Bern, has invested in new joining machines, which also necessitates upgrading of the extraction systems. Top priorities of the proprietor, Franz Roth, included energy efficiency, low noise emissions and a modular design that allows future expansion.



All of these requirements are met by the AL-KO modular filtration system PROFI JET®. The modular design of the system allows exact adaptation to the requirements of E+F. Despite increased volume flow rate and vacuum, the compressed air consumption has been significantly reduced in comparison with the previous system. The system’s high-performance filters limit dust transmission to < 0.1 mg/m3, which allows one hundred percent return air. The sheet steel panels of the PROFI JET are insulated with mineral wool to ensure quiet operation. The proprietor Franz Roth is convinced by the system that was configured and installed by AL-KO Extraction Technology in cooperation with the company’s regional partner Fuchs Aadorf Absaug- und Haustechnik. Although the PROFI JET operates at twice the capacity of the previous system, the energy costs have been reduced significantly.


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