To be completed during summer vacation

To be completed during summer vacation

Lignatur AG required upgrading of the extraction technology, including building onto the existing production hall and renovation of the roof. All within a period of three weeks.


One of the leading manufacturers of box-type wood elements for roofs and ceilings is Lignatur AG in the Swiss municipality of Waldstatt. The custom manufacturer decided to implement extensive modernization of the production facilities in connection with the upgrading of the extraction technology. The work included adding a story to the production hall, renovation of the roof and installation of the new extraction system with a new pipeline network. The biggest challenge was to have everything completed so that production could continue after the end of the summer vacation.



This goal was achieved as a result of enormous effort and meticulous planning on the part of AL-KO’s local partner, Fuchs Aadorf Absaug- und Haustechnik. Since installation of the PROFI JET® modular filtration system, which was designed for a volume flow rate of 120,000 m3/h, maximum operational reliability and efficiency in multi-shift operations are guaranteed. An innovative, remote maintenance capable control system on the basis of an Ethernet data bus ensures precise regulation and exact monitoring of the system. Other advantages include minimal noise emissions and user-friendly operation. The extracted chips are conveyed from the filtration system to three silos whose fill levels are monitored by means of radar. And in the event of further expansion in the future, Lignatur can upgrade the system as needed.


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