An extraction system that grows with the requirements

An extraction system that grows with the requirements

Kreuzlingen, the biggest Swiss city on Lake Constance, is the home of Kocherhans AG, which has a 65-year reputation in interior finishing, kitchens and furniture making.


The sharp rise in the demand necessitated more powerful machines in the company’s joinery shop – as well as much improved extraction technology. The most important requirement was for the system to have enough reserve capacities to keep up with future expansions in production.



Together with the company’s partner Fuchs Aadorf Absaug- und Haustechnik, AL-KO Extraction Technology developed a solution that is based on the time-proven PROFI JET® modular filtration system. In this system, the filter cleaning is controlled by differential pressure, which means that when the filter exceeds a defined contamination level, filter cleaning is automatically activated. The high filtration level allows one hundred percent return air, and the efficiency of the system reduces operating costs despite the increased performance. Best of all: The modular design of the system allows for further increases in performance to keep up with the future production requirements of Kocherhans.


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