Healthy air during welding

Healthy air during welding

Welding produces harmful pollutants such as fumes and gases. Extraction is necessary to comply with prescribed workplace limits, and is even mandatory when welding high-alloy steels. To cover the entire spectrum of welding fume extraction, AL-KO Extraction Technology offers four series of filter units. One of them as a combined unit with heat recovery during exhaust air extraction - a highly attractive feature especially in times of rising energy prices.

Numerous substances hazardous to health can be produced during welding: pulmonary pollutants such as iron oxides, toxic substances such as fluorides or copper oxide, and carcinogenic substances such as chromium(VI) compounds or nickel oxide. In order to protect the health of employees and to meet the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, extraction of these pollutants is mandatory.

AL-KO Extraction Technology offers four series for this purpose:

All four reliably remove fumes produced directly at the welding site via extraction arms and hoods, clean the extracted air via cartridge filters and ensure healthy air at the workplace. The units in the CLEAN UNIT series are mobile welding fume filters, while those in the FLEX UNIT series are central extraction units suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. In addition to the standard units, AL-KO Extraction Technology also offers customized solutions and design for the FLEX UNIT series. All units operate energy-efficiently with IE3 motors and are optionally available with IE4 motors.

Unique bundling of know-how

The certified AL-KO CLEAN UNIT F W3 units allow the cleaned air to be returned to the workspace even when welding high-alloy steels. Not the air, but approx. 73 % of the heat contained in the exhaust air is returned to the workspace with the supply air by the AL-KO FLEX UNIT F ECO units – setting standards in energy efficiency. This is done by means of heat recovery downstream of the filter system. This massively saves heating costs, especially in the cold season – an important factor in times of rising energy prices.

“With the FLEX UNIT F ECO systems, we as AL-KO Extraction Technology combine our expertise in extraction technology with the know-how of our sister company
AL-KO Air Technology in terms of heat recovery,” explains Michael Seitz, Head of AL-KO Extration Technology. “No other market competitor can offer this bundling of competencies.”

Customized solutions for all applications

AL-KO Extraction Technology offers all filter systems in four sizes, plus a large portfolio of optional equipment and accessories. Frequency converters, for example, ensure performance-based operation and increase energy efficiency even further. “This allows us to offer our customers a customized and highly efficient solution for every individual application,” emphasizes Seitz.